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An inspirational true story of one man's quest to become a champion.

Breaking the mould of conventional training DVDs, James Llewellin and Creative Ecco have come together to produce 1 Step Ahead - a raw, emotional and inspirational journey to the 2008 UK Championships held on the 19th October in Nottingham, England.

At stake is not only pride but a national title and the coveted IFBB Professional status that the Overall Champion brings with it. It documents James Llewellin's thorough and exacting preparations under the guidance of IFBB Pro and nutritional guru Neil Hill.

James speaks out and shows the man behind the physique as well as detailing exactly what it takes to become a champion bodybuilder both emotionally and physically. His relaxed, humourous yet focused approach will motivate, inspire and captivate.

There is no doubt that James Llewellin's 1 STEP AHEAD will keep you coming back for more. time and time again.

Language:  English
Sound:  Stereo
Region:  PAL
Run Time:  120 mins approx
Format:  16:9 Widescreen
Production:  Creative Ecco

Any questions? Ask James at jllewellin@hotmail.co.uk

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