I started seriously training around 16 years ago. I stepped it up a couple of years later when a training partner of mine said that I had terrible genetics and that I would never make a bodybuilder. So from that day I decided I would compete and after around 9 months I decided to enter my first show which out of 13 competitors, I won.

Later that year i was invited to compete in the NABBA UK First Timers finals which I also won. A week after that win I entered my first IFBB show (UKBFF) and won the Intermediate category which gave me an invite to the British Finals in 2004.

About half way through 2004 I decided that I would enter another qualifier so I could compete in the Mens Middleweight category and not the Inter's. I won the qualifier then went on to take 3rd in the Mens Middleweight class at the British Championships; I was totally stoked!!

In 2005 I came back after qualifying late in 2004 again as a Middleweight. This I won again and enabled me to compete in the 2005 British Finals.  I took the Middleweight British title this year but missed out on the overall.

In 2006 I took a little time away from the IFBB and competed with WABBA where I won the British Title and the Overall and came 5th in the World Championships in the Short Class in Athens, Greece.

In 2007 I decided I wanted to come back into the IFBB so had to requalify to compete at the finals (as I had defected in 2006,) and again won my qualifier as a light heavy and then came runner up to Flex Lewis in the Light heavyweight category at the British Finals. Flex went on to win the overall and his pro card that year.

In 2008 I teamed up with Flex's mentor, Neil Hill. He took me back down to a Middleweight and I won the Middleweight title again but this time took the Overall and with it the 1 pro card that the UK give out each year.

After 5 years of competing and doing numerous guest spots I decided that I would take 2009 out of the competitive arena and spend time growing my PT and Nutritionist business which kept me busy.

I am 5'5" and sitting at around 200lbs at the moment. I have competed as heavy as 196lbs in 2008 but wasn't conditioned and as light as 175lbs in 2008 when I won the overall British in fantastic condition.

I kicked off my IFBB career in 2010 and have competed every year except 2013 where I took an entire year away from bodybuilding and it's lifestyle to spend more quality time with my family.

Perhaps the highlight of my bodybuilding career was qualifying for the Olympia 202 Showdown. I qualified by coming 3rd at the British Grand Prix in 2011. The experience was incredible and something that will remain with me until the day I die.

Now however, at the start of 2014, I am ready to take to the stage again at the 212 Bodypower Pro at the NEC in Birmingham England on May 16th and 17th and contest preparations are well underway.


Full Name: James Richard Llewellin

Born: May 18, 1973, Lincoln, ENGLAND

Residence: Aberdare, S. Wales Valleys

Height: 5' 5"

Competition Weight: 190 lbs

Off Season Weight: 210 lbs


2003.  NABBA UK First Timers Finals - Winner

2004.  IFBB British Championships ( MiddleWeight ) - 3rd

2005.  IFBB British Championships ( MiddleWeight ) - Winner

2006.  WABBA World Championships ( Short ) - 6th

2007.  IFBB British Championships ( Light-HeavyWeight ) - 2nd

2008.  IFBB Arnold Amateur ( Light-HeavyWeight ) - 5th

2008.  IFBB British Championships ( MiddleWeight)  - Winner

2008.  IFBB British Championships - Overall Winner

2010.  IFBB Detroit Pro Championships - 9th

2010.  IFBB Orlando Show of Champions  - 4th

2010.  IFBB Sacramento Pro Championships - 15th

2011.  IFBB British Grand Prix  - 3rd

2011.  IFBB Olympia 202 Showdown  - 14th

2012.  IFBB British Grand Prix  - 9th

2014.  IFBB BodyPower Pro Show  - 9th

2015.  WABBA Olympia Hercules - Winner

2016.  NABBA Midlands Pro Am - Winner