One off consultations (120 mins) training and chat - 150.00

Single sessions (90 mins) training or advice or both - 75.00

2 on 1 Sessions (90 mins for two people) - 100.00 (50.00 each)


Off season with one visit a month - 100.00

Off season with 2 visits a month included to train with me - 150.00


Includes everything (weekly visits) - 250.00

One off 16 week prep (includes all of the above) - 900.00


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Having competed at local, regional, national, international and world level, James has competed in over 20 competitions including the 2011 Mr. Olympia.

Over the years of his bodybuilding career he has collected a wealth of knowledge having worked with a huge number of athletes including both bodybuilders and strength athletes.

Having taken bodybuilders to British and international level, James is able to help those looking to do their first show as well as seasoned competitors trying to get the winning edge.

In order to make sure the service is tailor made to your needs James likes to speak to prospective clients or see them face to face first.

The price will be determined by the kind of service you are after so don't think help is financially out of reach; James has a number of packages to suit all levels as well as pockets.

Any questions? Ask James at jllewellin@hotmail.co.uk

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