I want to say a HUGE thank you to everyone that has supported me, encouraged me and believed in me over the last 12 weeks.

It was my toughest prep to date psychologically due to the enormous amount of pressure I put on myself this year coming back to NABBA after 13 years away.

Quite fitting that 13 years ago I won the NABBA Novice Britain at Brierley Hill and my victory today was just as relevant and important as the first at the very same venue.

There are too many people to thank personally but Melissa Griffiths and Neil Hill have been 100% in my corner and had my back from the moment I decided to do the pro/am late last year. I cannot thank you both enough for your support and unwavering love and friendship.

There are many others that today travelled from South Wales, the NE, and the SE and SW that came to support me and I'm glad I didn't let any of you down. You know who you are!

The work starts again tomorrow with guest spots over the next few weeks starting with the NABBA SE on sat and the NABBA West on Sunday then the following week I'll be guest posing at the NABBA Wales and then I believe at the NABBA NW. All part of the prize for winning the pro/am.

My main focus now is the Britain on the 28th May at NABBA's home in Southport. We know where I have to improve and a plan has been put in place this evening.

Next weekend will mean an awful lot to me; guest posing at the show where it all started exactly 13 years ago when I won Danny Breen's NABBA SE First timers.

This sport is tough but on days like today you realise why you sacrifice so much and why for those 10 minutes on stage is worth all the hard work.

Lastly I want to thank the other competitors backstage which were incredibly welcoming to me.

Thank you for making my NABBA comeback such a memorable one!

James Llewellin


May, 2015 - Photo Shoot with Matt Marsh